We offer several advanced Dispatcher courses!

We are an FAA approved part 65 school.  Take a look at our classes listed below.  All of these courses can be taught online with our virtual classroom setup in a live instructor setting, or if you prefer in person, we can travel to your place of business to teach or you can send your employees/students to our facility in the United States to be taught.  We offer a group discount for bookings of 5 or more employees/students.  You can select from any of the topics below and modify them into one single class where we teach the things you need to learn.  Prices are based on overall topics needed and number of people attending.  Click on the "Find out more" link to get in touch with us and start creating your specific curriculum and pricing.   We can assist with the M-1 or B-1 Visa process if needed.

Advanced Dispatcher courses

Aircraft Dispatch Academy advanced course offerings

International Dispatch Rules (ICAO)

In this course we cover everything you need to know about ICAO rules & regulations along with the differences in dispatching to various countries.  (2 days)

ETOPS/Oceanic Course

Everything you need to know about dispatching into ETOPS & Oceanic environments.  System, navigation & aircraft requirements. (3 days)

Advanced Meteorology

In this course we take what you've already learned in basic dispatch to the next level.  We teach advanced techniques in reading radar, satellite and other meteorological reports to help better predict weather. (4 days)

Severe Weather

We take an in depth look at all the severe weather phenomena that affects large aircraft.  Icing, thunderstorms, low level wind shear, volcanic ash, turbulence, dust, and many more...(4 days)  

Advanced Ground Instructor (Initial)

This course is for prospective Dispatch ground instructors.  We cover all  ICAO Phase 1 of Doc 7192 D3 topics to comply with the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) requirements of several countries to be certified as an AGI Instructor in their respective country. (5 days)

Advanced Ground Instructor (Recurrent)

This course is for current Dispatch Ground Instructors (AGI) seeking their qualifying recurrent training as prescribed by the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) in their respective country. (5 days)


Advanced Aircraft Systems

In this class we go in depth with all the aircraft systems a Dispatcher must be familiar with in order to become  proficient. We cover a lot of Minimum Equipment List (MEL) items that affect these systems and the overall dispatch process.  (3 days)

Computerized Flight Planning

This class covers all the steps and processes to successfully create a computerized flight plan.  We talk about fuel planning, wind calculations, ISA calculations/corrections, etc.. (3 days)

Safety Management Systems (SMS)

This course discusses all the facets of creating and implementing an SMS plan into a Dispatch environment.  We go over all the steps and personnel needed to become SMS compliant and help you custom tailor the plan for your individual airline.

Federal Aviation Regulations (FAR's)

This course covers all you need to know about FAA regulations and how they apply to operators in the USA.  We go in depth on 14 CFR Parts 60/65/91/117/119/121/135/141 and several others.  We teach you how to comply and operate your business within compliance to the FAR's.

We offer several other topics that can be implemented into any curriculum. You can choose from:

  • Redispatch - Op Spec B044
  • Performance Based Contingency Fuel - Op Spec B343
  • Special Fuel Reserves - Op Spec B043
  • Required Navigation Performance (RNP)
  • Satellite Navigation (GPS, GNSS)
  • Area Navigation (RNAV)
  • Driftdown Performance
  • Polar/Cold Weather Operations
  • Dispatch Resource Management (DRM)
  • Weight & Balance
  • Scenario Based Dispatch Training
  • Training Manual Creation & Management
  • Drone Training/Certification - (UAS) Unmanned Aircraft System