COVID-19 updates

**Coronavirus Update**

We have been getting many questions about the job outlook and our class schedule during this current pandemic.  Obviously this medical crisis is hurting all industries right now, especially travel and tourism.  Airlines have been forced to reduce their schedules and many have temporarily frozen their hiring.  It is important to know that although this crisis is expected to have a short term affect, the overall long term projections are still very positive for the aviation industry, and especially for the Dispatcher positions.  If your goal is to become a FAA certified Aircraft Dispatcher, we encourage you to continue working toward this goal.  As soon as this pandemic is behind us, airlines will quickly bounce back to normal and continue hiring at record paces.  Coincidentally, many of you may see this economic slowdown as an opportunity to get your certification done!  We have received many emails about students getting approved for a leave of absence now that previously were not able to due to work demands.  Opportunities for self progression often present themselves in times of economic hardship.  We stand ready to help anyone interested in getting into this career!  We have very flexible payment and finance options available!  Our class is mostly online and easy to work around other schedules.  All of our classes are live and also recorded each day!  We set you up with guaranteed interviews after you graduate!  If we are all going to be stuck at home anyway, this may be a great time to take the class! 

** All classes are planned to run.

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