Aircraft Dispatch Academy set me up for success from start to finish. Their expertly designed course material was supplemented with opportunities to tour jet aircraft and flight operations facilities. We didn't just learn about aircraft systems and navigational equipment in the classroom. Appointments were set up for us to talk to station and flight ops personnel, and to tour the ARFF facility and the navigational equipment at our local airport. I was given the opportunity to shadow two dispatchers in a live, on the job environment. In addition, my instructor went  above and beyond to ensure my individual success. We are not only prepped for all exams, but  interviews as well. My instructor stayed late when needed, organized pre exam study sessions at our local library, and provided additional course work and flight plans to suit my individual needs as I requested them. I was also given the opportunity to attend any class from the next group of students starting after ours that I needed to prepare for the FAA practical exam. I am excited to report that I have been offered and have accepted a position as a dispatcher at SkyWest Airlines within 3 weeks of passing my FAA practical exam. 


 This course was great! The instructor was very knowledgeable and had lots of experience. I always enjoyed hearing his personal dispatch stories and how they relate to what we are learning about. The course was challenging but fully prepared me for the FAA practical test to get my license, and interviewing for a dispatch position with an airline. I would definitely recommend this course to anyone even considering going into aircraft dispatch. Its by far the best bang for your buck, and also allows you to get a dispatch license in the shortest amount of time possible. 


 Aircraft dispatch academy is awesome! Couldn’t be happier with taking the course. I went in completely new to the aviation industry and wasn’t sure what I was getting into. The course was setup great, was very interesting, and super informative. I completed the course and love my new dispatcher job with Skywest airlines. Thanks to aircraft dispatch academy! 


 The fact that I was able to pass the tests and get hired as a dispatcher all within a couple weeks of finishing the course was awesome(and my favorite part). The course allowed me to set myself along a new career path, while being the cheapest I could find and after considering living costs to move somewhere for a couple months, it saved me a couple thousand dollars while doing it. I loved that it was catered to what the airlines want you to know instead of just 'here's everything that is out there and good luck'. While it did get difficult at times you were always available and quick to answer questions anytime of day. 


 The Aircraft Dispatch Academy was by far the most practical and rewarding programs for me. While, I took the class remotely all VIA the web, I was able to interact during all in class sessions and was able to communicate with Adam when ever I needed a little extra help or question.  I was unsure where to start until I was told about this Program. It covered everything and then some to help me in gaining my Aircraft dispatch License in a little over 2 months. I was fortunate enough to take time off from work to solely focus on class which helped me expedite the process.  I highly recommend the Aircraft Dispatch Academy and know I wouldn’t be anywhere near my goals without it! 


 When I found out about Aircraft Dispatch Academy, and comparing to other training opportunities, there was no question where I would enroll. The curriculum covers all FAA requirements, and the course fit very well into the schedule I needed to prepare for passing the aircraft dispatch licensing requirements, while continuing to work my full-time job. It also proved to be the lowest overall expense, as it was not necessary to spend additional funds for hotel rooms during the entire training, as with other training courses I researched. I completed all the training requirements for testing, and successfully obtained my FAA license in the least amount of time possible. Thank you, Aircraft Dispatch Academy! 



 The course is perfectly structured for any one looking into a new field. The lessons are easy to understand and go at a comfortable pace considering all of the information covered. The classroom size is small and I immediately felt comfortable asking questions and for clarification. The instructors are friendly, knowledgeable, and go out of their way to offer additional study opportunities and industry insights. I felt confident and ready to take my FAA exam and start a new career in aviation.