lift off

Getting your career off the ground

Now that you have seen the videos explaining what the job is like, I think its important to know and understand the expectations you should have immediately after graduating our course and applying for dispatcher jobs.

The Aircraft Dispatch Academy team always strives to help its graduates get jobs in the workforce as soon as possible after graduating.  We work with our contacts at various airlines to help you get interviews setup so that you can get a job and begin dispatching ASAP!

Our classes are timed to finish up at the times of the year when airlines typically hire.  We work with them to provide candidates for their interviews.

We have contacts at airlines all over the country!  So depending on where you live and where you want to end up, we usually can find the right fit for you!  We do not guarantee a job placement but we do our best to prepare you to impress whomever you interview with.  Airlines have been hiring at a historic rate for the past several years, we expect that to continue for several more years!


$$ How much money do Dispatchers make? $$

This is a link to a spreadsheet containing the majority of the regional/major airlines in the USA.  It is mostly accurate however some data could be outdated and some might be unverified.