Aircraft Dispath Academy classroom

How do you start preparing for class?

Follow these steps!

Once you know you will be taking one of our classes and have begun the registration process, you will want to start preparing to make sure you get the best possible experience for your investment.  There are several things we recommend:

  • Begin studying for the ADX exam - Passing the ADX exam is a necessary step in the dispatch license process.  It is an 80 question knowledge test administered by the FAA at testing centers across the USA for a fee of $160.  We have a testing center right here in St. George, Utah, which you can use if needed.  You must pass the ADX exam with a score of 70% or higher.  We recommend downloading ADX exam prep software ASAP and begin studying as much as you can before your class date begins.  Although it is not required to pass the ADX before class starts, several students have done so and it is extremely beneficial to have that behind them once class begins.  We have two different exam prep software packages that we recommend to our students:  Sheppard Air & Dauntless.  They are both very different in their study approach styles.  Take a look and determine which is best for you!

  • Home Computer/Laptop/Tablet - For our classes, you will need a PC or tablet to use throughout the entire class.  Make sure your device is not too old as our virtual classroom and flight planning platforms do require a more up to date operating system and system resources.  You will also need access to a high speed internet connection during the online portion of class.

  • Google/Gmail Account - If you do not already have one, we recommend creating a Google/Gmail account for our class.  Many of our classroom and virtual hard drive access for files and assignments is done on various Google apps.  It is free to create a new Google/Gmail account by clicking here.

  • Books & Materials - All of our books and materials needed for the class are available in an electronic format that we provide at no charge.  However if you prefer hardbound copies we can provide those to you for a small fee that only covers our printing/binding costs.  Although not required we do recommend several books that are available for purchase.  We have arranged a special book bundle specifically for our class at a discount price that can be purchased at using this link.  These books are great resources to use leading up to and during class.

  • Transportation & Lodging - For the 2 week in class portion, you will need to arrange for transportation and lodging.  We do not pay for any of those costs.  We do have some special rates at local hotels that you can take advantage of, just ask us to provide those if interested.  We recommend arranging your travel and hotel as soon as possible.  St. George has many outdoor events throughout the year that people travel in for.  In addition St. George is a natural tourist destination due to its year round warm weather and nearby National Parks (Zion, Grand Canyon, Bryce Canyon, etc..).  This can cause hotels to be booked up rather quickly.  You will want to get your lodging arranged as soon as possible!!  If you choose to fly in, we do have a local airport (SGU) which is served by Delta from SLC, United from LAX or DEN, and American from PHX or DFW.  The Las Vegas airport (LAS) is also only 90 minutes away and is served by every major domestic airline and several international airlines.  It is often less expensive to fly in to Las Vegas and rent a car or take a shuttle up to St. George.  Shuttles run every hour and there are two different companies that offer service.  Here are the links to the shuttle companies:

St. George Shuttle

Salt Lake/St. George Express