Enrollment Requirements & instructions

  • Must be at least 21 yrs old to enroll in any of our classes
  • Must be able to speak, read & understand the English language
  • Choose a class from below and pay your $500 deposit to reserve your spot
  • Once you reserve a spot you will receive an enrollment verification email and instructions
  • You will receive an email invoice for the remaining tuition balance which is due 15 days before your class start date
  • If you are interested in financing all or part of your tuition & deposit cost please click here 
  • If you want to call or chat with us prior to enrolling please call (435)414-1611 or click here to send us a message

Payment Options

  • Pay in full - If you are ready to pay in full, please select the "Tuition & Payment" option for the class you would like to attend and you will be directed to our payments page

  • Pay a Deposit - If you aren't ready to pay in full yet but would like to go ahead and reserve a seat in an upcoming class, please select the "Reserve my seat now" option for the class you would like to attend and you will be directed to the payments page.  The seat reservation deposit is $500.  The remaining balance of your tuition will be due 2 weeks prior to your class start date.

  • Installment Plan Financing (Subject to credit approval) -  If you would like the flexibility of paying over time, we offer financing through Square Installments.  This is a third party financing option in which you can submit an application to find out whether you are approved.  Payment length and terms are all determined by Square Installments and we are not able to view the results of your application.  You would need to let us know whether you are approved or declined for this option.  Click on the Square Installments "Apply Now" banner below for more info.

  • 6 month Payment Plan - If you are unable to obtain financing and cannot pay the entire tuition amount before class starts, we offer a 6 month payment plan option.  You must pay the $500 deposit and first month's payment before your class start date.  Monthly installment payments are $700/month and are due by the 15th day of each month.  The 6th and final payment is only $500.  This payment plan carries a one time $250 fee to cover administrative costs which is added to the full tuition price.  To enroll in this plan, select the "Easy Payment Plan" option for the class you would like to attend and you will be directed to the payment page.  Please note that you will need to add both the payment plan ($700) and Deposit ($500) items to your cart for a total of $1,200 to complete enrollment in this option.  This option also requires you to maintain a current credit/debit card on file in our payment system in order to setup automatic monthly payments for the $700 recurring charge on the 15th of each month.  **This option requires that you first apply for financing through Square Installments and either get declined or are unable to finance the entire tuition amount**

Click here to apply for financing through Square Installments

Refund Policy

All tuition, deposit, and payment plan payments are 100% refundable up until 15 days before your scheduled class start date.  Once within 15 days your $500 deposit is forfeited but we will still refund all tuition and payment plan payments that have been made.  There are no refunds for tuition, deposit or payment plan payments after your class start date.  To initiate a refund please click here and request it in the message field.