What do we teach you?

FAA Approved Aircraft Dispatch License Curriculum

We are an FAA approved Aircraft Dispatch Certification School.  We have put a lot of time and research into what we teach you and how we teach it.  We consistently seek out feedback from our students to make sure we are effective with our teaching styles and platforms.  We want to make sure each student gets as much out of our courses as they possibly can.  

Large portions of our curriculum are FAA mandated subjects which cover many different aviation related topics.  Here is a summarized list of the subjects:

  • FAA Regulations
  • Meteorology
  • Navigation
  • Aircraft Systems
  • Communications
  • Air Traffic Control
  • Emergency & Abnormal Procedures
  • Practical Dispatch Applications
  • Dispatch Resource Management (DRM)

For a complete list of all subjects and sub topics please click here.

In addition to the FAA mandated subjects, we also teach several industry specific topics that put our students well ahead and better prepared than the competition.  There are several advanced dispatch topics that we teach which the FAA doesn't require us to, however the airlines which you will interview with like to see that you have the knowledge in these additional areas.  Here is a summarized list of those topics:

  • Scenario based dispatch training - we run through real world examples of situations you'll expect to see as a Dispatcher.
  •  Airport tour training - we setup a tour of the local airport (KSGU) where you will see and learn about weather reading systems, approach lights, runway markings, instrument approach systems, Fire and Rescue operations (ARFF), and much more...
  • Airline facility training - we arrange for tours of SkyWest Airlines so that you can see their Operational Control Center (OCC) where actual Dispatchers work.  You will be able to see the different software and other items Dispatchers use on a daily basis.  We can even arrange for you to job shadow a SkyWest Dispatcher for a few hours and ask questions about the job.
  • Advanced Dispatch techniques - we teach you how to use advanced dispatcher rules that almost all airlines use every day such as the 3585 rule, 1 navaid 2 navaid rule, Category II weather minimums, and several more...
  • Guest Speakers - we often arrange for Airline management personnel, FAA inspectors, Pilots, and others to speak in class about how their jobs interconnect with Dispatcher jobs and how they rely on them. 
  • Interview assistance & techniques - we help every one of our graduates with setting up interviews and preparing for the questions they will be asked.  We also help with resume/cover letter review.  We make sure our graduates are 100% prepared when they walk into that interview!

Our courses are all 8 weeks long.  The first 6 weeks are completed online utilizing our virtual classroom software which allows you to interact directly with the instructor and all the other students in real time.  You can see and hear everyone attending the course as if you were in the same room together.  All of our classes are recorded and available for you to re-watch the following day in case you want to review portions of the class that you need additional help with.  You can access the class recordings on our YouTube channel or via the student portal login you receive after registering for a class.

The final 2 weeks of class are held in person at our St. George Utah classroom facility.  It is during these 2 weeks that we accomplish the tours and many of the advanced training portions of the class.  If you do not live in the local area you must arrange to travel and stay in St. George for those two weeks.  There are several area hotels for every type of budget.  We do not pay for any portion of your travel and lodging costs to attend the 2 week in class portion.  

Aircraft Dispatch Academy Online Instruction

Aircraft Dispatch Academy Online Instruction