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Am I guaranteed a job after graduation?

Jobs are never guaranteed, however all of our graduates are guaranteed to get interviews with our regional airline partners, SkyWest Airlines & Mesa Airlines.

How do your online classes work?

The first 6 weeks of our class is held online from the comfort of your own home.  Classes are scheduled each weeknight M-F from 5:30pm tp 9:30pm (Mountain time).  It is a live webinar class with a certified instructor.  You are able to interact and ask questions during the class.

What if your online classes conflict with my work schedule?

We do our best to work around your schedule.  We ask that you attend the live webinar class as often as possible.  If you have to miss a class for any reason, we have a recorded version available to watch within a few hours of each class ending every night.  This allows our students to remain caught up and it also allows them to go back and re-watch any classes that they need to refresh on as well.

In addition to the course tuition, are there any other costs?

Yes.  You are responsible to pay your FAA testing fees ($560).  And you also need to plan for all travel & lodging costs for the 2 week in person portion of the class in St. George, Utah.

Do you help us prepare for our airline interviews?

Absolutely!  We help each student individually prepare for their interviews.  We teach you the most common interview questions both from a knowledge and technical perspective.  All of our students are well prepared for their interviews.  However it is always up to the individual student to impress them with your personality!

What is the difference between Air Traffic Controllers and Aircraft Dispatchers?

Air Traffic Controllers work directly for the FAA or for an FAA contractor.  They typically work in the airport control tower or in an en-route air traffic control center.  Their main priority is to maintain separation between aircraft and give clearances for taking off and landing.  They do not allow anyone over the age of 31 to begin a career in ATC, they also have a mandatory retirement at age 55.

Aircraft Dispatchers work directly for each airline (Delta, United, American, SkyWest, Mesa, etc...).  they typically work at the airline's headquarters in whatever city they are located.  They do not work at the airports.  Dispatchers are responsible for flight planning, fuel calculations, payload calculations, weather considerations, flight following.  Together with the Pilot, the Dispatcher is jointly responsible for operational control and safe operation of each flight he/she dispatches and must follow all Federal Aviation Regulations.

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